Add or Change Employee Contacts

Add or Change Contacts for Employees

Enter contact information and designate contacts as beneficiaries, dependents, or emergency contacts to record legal benefactors, dependents for benefit coverage, or contact references.

The Contacts Detail page includes the following information for each employee contact: personal, address, telephone, and email information; contact relationship to the employee; contact designation; additional insurance coverage, disability status, student status, and smoker status; and national identification documents.

Tip If you are unable to add or change information on the Contacts page, or do not have an Add, Edit, or Delete button available to you, it may be due to how your company has configured the system. Please contact your company's system administrator for more details.

Navigation:Menu > Myself > Personal Contacts

  1. From the Contacts page, complete one of the following:
    • To add a contact, select Add.
    • To edit existing contact information, select the link for the contact, and select Edit.
  2. Check or uncheck the Contact is Active box, as follows:
    • Check: The contact is active, and if eligible, appears when enrolling in benefit plans via Life Events or Open Enrollment. This is the default setting.
    • Uncheck: The contact is inactive and does not appear as eligible during enrollment sessions. An example of when to inactivate someone is when a divorce occurs.
  3. Enter the contact's personal information such as name, social security number or national ID, and birth date.
  4. Select the contact's relationship to the employee.
  5. Designate the contact as a dependent, beneficiary, or emergency contact. More than one option can be selected.
    Note The individual you designate as your emergency contact is contacted in the event of an emergency. The individual you designate as a dependent or beneficiary may be considered eligible for enrollment in your benefit plans, depending on their relationship to you.
  6. Enter the contact's address, telephone, and e-mail information.
    Note Digits entered in the phone number field are automatically validated and formatted, including country code, hyphens, and spaces, based on the selected country. When digits entered in the field do not match the country’s phone number format, a warning message appears to request a review of the number before saving.
  7. If the contact is a dependent or beneficiary, enter additional information such as if the contact is covered by other insurance, disabled, full-time student, or smoker.
  8. Select Save.
  9. Select Submit. The Contacts page appears with the new information.
    Note Managers can view emergency contacts on the employee record.