UKG Community Resources

UKG Community Resources

Community Resources Overview

The UKG Community™ enables you to quickly get answers to questions you may have about your UKG product solutions.

You can perform a simple search that spans product documentation, knowledge articles, group discussions, customer ideas, posts by other UKG Community members, your past Support cases, and BI Exchange for UKG Pro People Analytics report templates. Additionally, you can post questions to the community, explore Discussion Groups, and register for events.

Search the Community

The UKG Community includes a search tool you can use to locate content related to the search terms you provide.

The Search Results page returns a wide variety of content you can filter according to the products you own, the Resource Type, and the Product Solution. Some Resource Types offer additional filtering options. The resources listed in the results section include a product tag in the upper-right corner of each row to quickly identify the related Product Solution.

Search Results page filters

Search Operators

You can use simple words referred to as search operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, or @title=) to combine or exclude keywords in a search:
  • AND (term 1 AND term 2) – Place AND between two words if you want search results to include both words.
  • OR (term 1 OR term 2) – Place OR between two words to search for results that have one of those words but not both.
  • NOT (term 1 NOT term 2) – Place NOT between two words to search for results that have the first word but not the second.
  • NEAR (term 1 NEAR:5 term 2) – Place NEAR between the two words to search for results in which each word is no more than the set number of words apart.
  • @title= (@title=term) – Place @title= at the beginning of the word for results that have the word in the title.

Search Tips

  • Place quotes around your search terms to return only the results that contain those exact words or phrases.Search results for quoted terms
  • Identify Known Issue articles by selecting the Knowledge Article filter, then the Known Issue filter.Search results with filters selected
  • Quickly identify the related Product Solution in the upper-right corner of each search result.Production solution tags in search results

Ask the Community

Another great option for getting the information you need is by posting a question for other members to answer. You can find the Ask the Community button throughout the UKG Community.

Navigation:UKG Community > Home

  1. Select Ask the Community.
    Ask the Community button
  2. Select a topic from the Choose a Topic drop-down list.
  3. Select a UKG Solution.
  4. Enter your question in the question box.
  5. Provide any additional details that may be helpful to other members in the Please Tell Us More box.
  6. Select Upload Files to attach files that will help other members answer your question.
  7. Select Ask to submit your question.Ask the Community form

View Suggested Articles

When posting a question to the UKG Community, a list of articles is presented that may provide the answers you need. The View Suggested Articles section includes a list of the top articles available from the Knowledge Base.

Ask the Community suggested articles

Explore Discussion Groups

If you're not quite ready to post a question to the UKG Community, you can navigate to specific groups and view posts by other community members. Join a group to connect with that group's members, participate in polls, view group-specific files, receive group digests, and more.

Navigation:UKG Community > Groups

  1. Select a group from the Discussion Groups list.
    Note If you're not sure which group to select, using the search tool will generate search results that include group discussions.
  2. From the Group Detail page, scroll to the top of the discussion feed and enter a search term in the Search this feed field.
    Discussion group feed search
    The discussions feed will refresh and display only the posts related to your search terms.

Register for an Event

Another great way to get answers to product-specific questions is to attend an event. Events include Knowledge Hours, Webinars, orientations, and more.

Navigation:UKG Community > Events

  1. From the Events page, filter the results using the Solution and Date filters.
  2. Select Register next to the desired event.Events page