Accessibility Improvements

Lists improvements that make UKG Pro more navigable, readable, and accessible for all employees.

Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility Improvements

UKG is committed to delivering product designs and processes that are inclusive of a diverse workforce. We aim to make our solutions digitally accessible to all customers and their employees by making them easy to navigate, read, and access.

Our goal is to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA for all new features and solutions, including existing features and legacy solutions, where appropriate.

As of the Fall 2023 (V21.0.0) release, the HR People Center's frequently used employee and manager pages were improved to make them accessible and compatible with assistive technologies. For a list of improvements, refer to the table.
Type of ImprovementEnsures that ...
  • Web page content is accessible by including text alternatives for non-text elements, such as images and icons.
  • Web page content is preserved when the format changes.

  • Web page content is more legible by using a higher contrast between the text and its background.

  • Web page content is accessible by using only the keyboard controls.
  • Web page content is ordered in a predictable way and is navigable in a sequential order.

  • The purpose of all links on the web page can be determined by the link text alone.

  • Web page content and its language can be accurately determined.
  • Internet browser parsing errors are minimized providing stable rendering of page content. This contributes to a smoother user experience across a variety of browsers and technologies.
  • A variety of assistive technologies can interact with and identify complex elements such as buttons and menus on pages.

These are the pages that have been updated:

UKG Pro People Center

  • Employee-only pages:
    • Change Name, Address, or Telephone - Employee View
    • Name, Address, or Telephone page - Employee View
    • Add/Change Alternate Phone page - Employee View
    • Employee Documents page - Employee View
    • Documents Acknowledgement - Employee View
    • Documents Acknowledgement - Document View
  • Manager-only pages:
    • My Employees - Manager View
    • Employee Job Summary - Manager View

    • Employee Personal Information - Manager View

  • Manager and Administrator pages:
    • Add US/Canadian/International Employee wizard:
      • Personal
      • Job
      • Payroll
      • Time Management
      • Workforce Management
      • Time and Attendance
      • Federal Income Tax
      • Direct Deposit

      • Direct Deposit Details

      • Summary

      • Local Taxes

      • Look Up Employee

      • State Taxes

  • Change Job/Salary Wizard

    • All pages

    • Change Job

    • Change Salary

    • Change Review