Clock In and Out with Time Classic

Provides instructions for employees to clock in and out, start or end a break or meal, transfer, and view recent activity.

Clock In and Out with Time Classic

Clock In and Out with Time Classic

Time Classic enables employees to easily clock in and out, view time summary information, transfer and record labor, view notifications and alerts, and submit timesheets for approval.

The dashboard provides a quick view of your work activities for the current pay period.

An Activity section lists To Do items and Notification items. A single To Do item can be selected and action can be taken. Employees can select a notification and go to the appropriate area that triggered the notification. They can clear a single notification or all notifications.

If using a web clock, the Punch Clock section enables you to clock in or out, start or end a break, transfer, and view your recent time clock punch activity. Also, the View My Timesheet link takes you to your current timesheet.

The Insights section shows key analytics in graph view. These key analytics include:

  • Time Code Summary (for example, work, vacation, or sick)
  • Pay Type Summary (for example, regular or overtime)
  • Labor Metrics Summary (for example, individual projects)
Note If using the mobile app, select Time Clock, and then select the action.

Navigation:Menu > Myself > Workforce Management Classic > Time Classic

  1. In the Punch Clock section, select Check In to start your day. (You can also access the Punch Clock through the navigation pane.) A message appears at the top left corner stating you have successfully checked in.
  2. To start a break or meal or to check out, select the respective button.
    Employee time punch
  3. To transfer to a different labor metric:
    1. Select Transfer.
    2. Choose the correct labor metric from the drop-down lists. Your company can filter which labor metrics you will see as well as the available values.
    3. Select Transfer.
  4. To view recent punch activity, select View Recent Activity in the Punch Clock section.
  5. If you have an out of sequence punch type (for example, you missed a Check In punch and your manager has not yet added the missed punch), select Other and then select the punch type. The Other button appears only if your assigned time clock configuration group permits out of sequence punch types.
    Note If geofencing has been enabled for your company and you have been assigned to a geofence, you can complete your time punch activities using your mobile device. If you have not turned on location services, then you will be asked to do so the first time you use your mobile device to complete a punch. UKG Pro will only ask for your location while you are using the mobile app.