Explore the Review Summary

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to read and interpret the information available on the Review Summary of a performance review.

Explore the Review Summary

Review Summary

A performance review includes key assessment information based on an employee’s day-to-day activities. Specific pages, such as the Review Summary page, are used in Performance Reviews to assist with the employee review process.

The Review Summary page provides employee performance review information. Sections are configured and assigned to a review when a template is created, and display on the Review Summary page once the review is distributed. These sections are completed by the contributors identified on the Review Summary page.

Contributors can collaborate on the information provided on the Review Summary page. Contributors have access to the page for only those employees for which they are assigned to review. Contributors can rate themselves, rate subordinates, or approve a review. Employees can access and view only those sections that pertain to their role as contributors.
Note If ratings are not available for selection, the review may be configured for comments only.

Each section on the Review Summary page contains icons and buttons to serve as status indicators during the review process.

Icon/Button Action Description
Completed Icon Completed Indicates the section has been completed in its entirety. All ratings are complete.
not completed icon Incomplete Indicates the section is incomplete and additional information is needed.
start button Start Allows you to begin your review ratings in a section.
edit button Edit Allows you to edit your ratings in a section.

If the Edit button appears, the section has either been started or completed. You can edit review ratings until the review has been acknowledged.

view button View Allows you to view review ratings in a section.

If the View button appears, the review is either complete or in a locked status, which means the ratings can no longer be changed.

save as button Save as Draft Allows you to save the final score as a draft, when scoring options are configured to select or enter a final score.
send button Send Allows you to send the review to the previous or next contributor. A dimmed button indicates that the required sections of the review are incomplete. The required sections of the review must have a status indicator, Completed icon.
sign and complete button Sign & Complete Allows you to acknowledge and electronically sign the review.
Override button Override Allows you to override a final calculated score. This button only appears if the review is configured to allow final score overrides.

Review Summary Page

Review-related sections are available on the Review Summary page.

The Review Summary page can be accessed in several ways.

  • An employee selects Menu > Myself > Jobs > Reviews.
  • A manager or additional contributor selects Menu > Requests > Inbox > select review request for the employee.
  • A manager can select Menu > My Team > Talent Dashboard > Reviews > select review for the employee.
Review Summary Page
Note If ratings and final scores are not available, the review may be configured for comments only.

Welcome Information

Displays employee name, title, and review effective date. A link to Employee Notes also appears. Allows companies to configure welcome text to meet organization needs.


Indicates the contributors assigned to this review and includes review due dates. Bold formatted names identify those individuals responsible for contributing to the review at that time.

Additional Contributor Feedback Selection

When additional contributors are configured for a review, this area provides the access point for the selection of additional contributors.


Provides the access point for contributors to rate and/or comment on goals. Provides sections for completing employee and manager assessments. Provides rating scales, including section weights, individual goal weights, and goal progress.


Provides the access point for contributors to rate and/or comment on competencies. Provides sections for completing employee and manager assessments. Provides rating scales, including section weights.

Open Ended Questions

Provides an area for contributors to answer specific questions. The administrator configures this area's title, instructions, and questions. The administrator also determines if any of the questions are required.

Developmental Comments

Provides an area to establish future performance goals and objectives. Provides separate sections for employees and managers.

Overall Comments

Provides an area for employees, managers, and additional contributors to provide overall feedback on the employee's performance review.

Final Score

Provides the final calculated score for the review.

Review Summary Final score

If final score options are configured to select or enter a final score, the score can be saved as a draft until the review is moved forward to the next contributor.

Review Summary Final Score Save as Draft

If the review is configured to allow managers to override the calculated final score, the manager sees an Override button. If a manager overrides the calculated score, the new score will be the final score recorded for the review and this score is used in other features, such as Compensation Management. However, the original calculated score and new score appear on the Review Summary for all participants.

Routing Comments

Provides an area to include comments for the next reviewer. These comments are only for routing purposes and do not appear on the final review.

Review Summary Routing Comments

The Routing Comments section may not appear if your administrator has selected to hide this field.

Sign & Complete

Provides an area for employee and manager acknowledgment of the performance review. The acknowledgment of the performance review is considered an electronic signature. A compliance statement or message can be enabled to display in this area when an employee signs and completes the review.

Review Summary Sign and Complete

Employee Talent Card

Provides a talent snapshot of talent-related information including employee information, predictive analytics, review history, education, licenses, skills, work history, awards, and relocation preferences. If configured, the Talent Card also displays an employee photo.

Review Summary Talent Card

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