Manage the Talent Dashboard

Provides information on how to find and use the Talent Dashboard for the Performance Management managers and administrators.

Manage the Talent Dashboard

Talent Dashboard

Use the Talent Dashboard to quickly access and manage talent-related information and tasks for your employees.

Managers can view statistical information for each of the talent functions, as well as detailed employee information for employees participating in any of your talent initiatives. The Talent Dashboard includes several sections: Team Analytics & News, Activity Stream, My To Do's, My Direct Reports, and My Entire Team.

Talent Dashboard Management

Managers can view talent-related information for their employees from the Talent Dashboard. The dashboard includes statistics for the different talent functions, as well as employee progress and tasks. The Talent Dashboard includes several sections containing a snapshot of your employee's progress.

Talent Dashboard

Team Analytics & News

The Review Status section provides a pie-chart graph containing at-a-glance review progress information for all your reviews. The chart indicates the percentage of reviews in each status. If you have access to multiple reviews, select the drop-down list to toggle between reviews. This section also provides the average goal, competency, and overall ratings for all the employees. Results may vary based on the tab selected for My Direct Reports, or My Entire Team.

The Alerts section uses predictive analytics to show employees whose retention scores may have decreased or dropped below a threshold.

The Links section includes Reports, Things I Can Do, QuickTours, and Learning. The reports include links to standard Performance Management reports. The Learning section provides links to integrated Learning Management Systems such as Infor or UltiPro Learning.

The News section lists recent manager notifications for your direct reports. A red number appears notifying you of new news items since the last time you reviewed the dashboard. When a news item is selected, the Suggested Tasks page appears to add or complete a suggested task. From the Suggested Tasks page, select Go to Leadership Actions to view the Leadership Actions page.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream section includes most recent employee activities, grouped by date. An entry appears when any of the following activities occur for one of your employees (results vary based on the tab selected):

  • Goals are added
  • Goal progress is updated
  • Goal Notes are added (unless the entry is marked as a private)
  • Competency Notes are added (unless the entry is marked as a private)
  • Enrollment in a development opportunity
  • Completion of a development opportunity


The My To Do's, My Direct Reports, and My Entire Team sections include a view of employee talent-related information for the following areas:

  • Reviews
  • Goal Plans
  • Leadership Actions
  • Goals
  • Competencies
  • Learning
  • Succession Plans
  • Development Plans

The My To Do's tab includes any talent-related items requiring the manager's action in the areas of Reviews, Goal Plans, or Leadership Actions. The My Direct Reports tab is the default tab for this page and includes any talent-related items for all employees who report to the manager. The My Entire Team tab includes the manager's entire team of direct reports and their direct reports. This tab appears only when cascading supervisors are configured.

Statistics appear for each major talent area, providing overall insight, visibility, and progress into your talent initiatives. As you select each Talent box, the information for the talent area selected appears and includes detailed information about your employees. As you select any of the three tabs (My To Do’s, My Direct Reports, and My Entire Team), the statistics and employee details change to include or exclude employees from your selection.

Each employee name appears as a hyperlink, which opens the Employee Summary page. If there is a retention score alert, it appears immediately below the employee’s photo. Additional information appears for each employee:
  • The Person icon opens the employee’s Talent Card
  • The Note icon opens a Manager Notes page for managers to take notes on Leadership Actions for the employee
  • The Chat Bubble icon opens the Employee Notes page for the employee
  • The Star icon opens the Talent Factors page for the employee and facilitates making changes to this area

Managers can view only outstanding reviews by selecting the Reviews section of the dashboard and select In Progress filter. The In Progress filter lists all reviews with a status other than Completed or Pending Approval.

Managers can also compare their employee’s talent profile and talent card information side-by-side by selecting the Compare button. This comparison is available when using the Succession Management feature.


The Talent Dashboard page provides statistics and employee details for each product area:
  • The Reviews box indicates all outstanding reviews. The employee detail area includes access to the employee's current and last reviews.
  • The Goal Plans box indicates the percent complete for all open goal plans. The employee detail area includes goal plan status and access to the employee's goal plans.
  • The Leadership Actions box indicates the number of outstanding leadership actions. The employee detail area includes leadership action tasks assigned to the manager and includes access to the Leadership Actions feature.
  • The Goals box indicates the average number of goals assigned per employee. The employee detail area includes all active goals, percent complete, and access to Employee Notes.
  • The Competencies box indicates the average number of competencies assigned per employee. The employee detail area includes all assigned competencies and access to competencies, as well as Competency Notes.
  • The Learning box indicates the average number of current Development Opportunity participations per employee in any of the Learning products. The employee detail area includes current development opportunity participations and access to each opportunity.
  • The Succession Plans box indicates the total number of succession plans in progress, where employees are identified as incumbents, successors, or nominees. The employee detail area includes any open succession plans and access to each plan.
  • The Development Plans box indicates all existing development plans. The employee detail area includes access to each development plan.

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