Onboarding Electronic Signature Security

Provides information regarding electronic signature security, audit trails, and step-by-step instructions for signing a document electronically.

Onboarding Electronic Signature Security

Onboarding Electronic Signature Security

The UKG Pro Onboarding solution aligns with best practices by leveraging click signature signing functionality and providing an audit trail.

The security of the signed document is increased by encrypting the document and adding an electronic hash document signature to show document changes since the original signing.

The electronic signature process leverages the following features to ensure security:
  • User authentication with user IDs and passwords
  • Unique signatures that include a name of signatory, date, and print marker
  • Signature blocks that are a permanent part of the PDF document and include a non-reversible hash of the entire contents of the document as it was when the sign action was completed
  • An audit trail that tracks all user signer actions
  • Secure encryption ensuring that signed documents cannot be altered

Electronic Signature Process

To access Onboarding, each user must be credentialed with a unique username and password. To complete the electronic signature process, the following must be completed:
  • A user provides information pertinent to the document and may review and edit the information before the signature. The information collected is populated on all new hire forms in the PDF format.
  • The signature process is initiated. From the Electronic Signature page, each user must select I Agree to give electronic signature consent.Image displays the electronic signature consent dislogue box.
  • Forms or documents are displayed individually for the new employee to read and sign. Each document that requires a signature contains Click to Sign prompts for the employee.
    • For Document Library forms, the name of the signatory appears. Users can optionally add the date and time of the signature as part of the signature block.
    • For tax forms and Form I-9, each signature block contains the date and time of the signature as well as the name of the signatory.
  • The new employee cannot move forward in the system without selecting the box marked Click to Sign.

Audit Trails for Electronic Signatures

An audit trail of the signing is kept in the database that includes the following information:
  • User ID for the individual who signed the document
  • Date and time of the signing
  • IP address of the logged in user
  • Name of the signed document
Image displays an example of an audit report for electronic signatures.