Skills and Certifications Integration

Provides an overview of how Skills and Certifications data flows from the HCM solution to the WFM solution.

Skills and Certifications Integration

Skills and Certifications Integration Overview

Skill and Certification data entered in UKG Pro will populate employee records in UKG Pro WFM, as well as relevant pages in UKG Pro WFM Application Setup.

This aspect of the people integration eliminates manual entry of Skill and Certification data across solutions and improves efficiency when populating employee records. It is only available to implementations using the People API framework (not CSV or JSON integrations).

New or updated Skill and Certification data is picked up and delivered to UKG Pro WFM every 15-30 minutes, like all other mapped fields in the people integration.

In addition to UKG Pro WFM People records, the following Application Setup pages are populated with Skill, Certification, and Proficiency Level data:

  • Administration > Application Setup > Scheduler Setup > Skills & Certifications

  • Administration > Application Setup > Scheduler Setup > Proficiency Levels

Skills and Certifications Integration Setup

An integration parameter controls activation of the Skills and Certifications integration.

To sync Skills and Certification data across solutions, the API Sync – Enable Skills and Certifications integration parameter must be enabled in the People iPack. This parameter is installed automatically but defaults to a value of false.