View Job-Based Competency Rating Targets on Reviews

Provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure job-based competencies for viewing on performance reviews.

View Job-Based Competency Rating Targets on Reviews

Job-Based Competency Ratings on Reviews

When completing a performance review for an employee, job competency rating targets can be displayed on a performance review.

Job competency rating targets appear in the Competencies page of a performance review to assist a reviewer in rating each competency. Talent Administrators can enable the display of minimum proficiency levels for job competencies in a performance review template. Once enabled and when a review is distributed, the minimum proficiency level for a competency appears directly under a competency, allowing reviewers to use this information when rating an employee. Once in a review, the job competency target shows the level at which an employee should be performing for a competency. For example, when rating the Negotiating competency for an employee in the Sales job, the employee should be performing at level 4. Reviewers can then determine how to rate a competency based on the target displayed for each competency.

Confirm the Rating Scale for Talent Management Settings

Before viewing job competency rating targets on reviews, ensure the minimum proficiency level rating scale, in the Talent Management Settings page, matches the competency review scale defined for the Review Template.

Navigation:Menu > System Configuration > Talent Management Setup > Talent Management

  1. From theTalent Management menu item, the Talent Management Settings page appears.
  2. Review the Job-based Competencies section to confirm the rating scale selected in the Minimum Proficiency Level Rating Scale field.
    Talent Management Settings

Confirm The Rating Scale For A Review Template

The rating scale for a Review Template must match the rating scale used on the page in order for reviewers to perform a gap analysis between an employee's performance and the expected proficiency level at the time of review.

Navigation:Menu > Administration > Talent Management > Performance Management > Review Templates

  1. From the Review Templates page select the link for a review template.
  2. The Template Details page appears.
  3. Review the Review Sections section to confirm the rating scales used in the review sections of the review template, if applicable.
  4. Review that Score is selected at Goals and Competencies to apply scoring to each of these sections, if applicable.
    Review Template Details Rating Scale

Assign Competencies to a Job

Competencies are a set of skills that are typically innate rather than learned. Select the competencies that should be associated with a job along with the minimum proficiency level.

Assign competencies to a job in the Competencies page of the Add/Change Jobs business rules page.


If minimum proficiency levels are not set for each competency, the rating target cannot be displayed on a performance review. This step must be completed prior to review distribution.

Navigation:Menu > System Configuration > Business Rules

  1. From the Business Rules page, search for the Jobs business rule.
  2. Select the link for the Jobs business rule.
  3. Select the link for a job.
  4. From the Add/Change Jobs Main page, select Next until the Competencies page appears.
    Add/Change Jobs Business Rule - Competencies
  5. From the Competencies page, you can add or change job competencies.
    • To add a new competency, select Add . Select the Title and Minimum Proficiency Level for the competency as it relates to the job selected.
    Add/Change Jobs Business Rule Competencies - Add Record
    • To change a competency, select the Title or the Minimum Proficiency Level columns.
    Add/Change Jobs Business Rule Competencies - Edit
  6. Select Save or Next.
  7. Select Save to apply changes to the selected job.

Enable Display on Review Template

Enable the display of the minimum proficiency levels in the Review Sections Details page of a review template.


Once enabled, the display of minimum proficiency level only applies to newly distributed reviews. The minimum proficiency level will not display in any previously distributed reviews.

Navigation:Menu > Administration > Talent Management > Performance Management > Review Templates

  1. From the Review Templates page, select the link for a review template. The Template Details page appears.
  2. Select Next. The Review Sections Details page appears.
    Review Template - Section Details
  3. From the Competencies section, select Job-based in the Competencies To Include section.
  4. Select Display Minimum Proficiency Level.
  5. Select Save or Next. The Review Templates page appears.

View Job Competency Rating Targets

Distributed reviews are enabled to display minimum proficiency levels for job-based competencies.


All contributors can view the minimum proficiency level, except for additional contributors.

Navigation:Menu > Inbox > Requests > select Edit at review > Review Summary

  1. From the Review Summary page, select the Competencies Start or View button. The employee's Competencies page appears.

    Reviews can also be accessed from the following navigation path: Inbox > find review > Edit. Managers can access reviews from their Talent Dashboard (Menu > My Team > Talent Management > Talent Dashboard > Reviews).

  2. Select the Show Details link. The type and minimum proficiency level for the competency appears.
    Performance Review Competency - Minimum Proficiency Level

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