Service Requests for Customers

Create and Manage Customer Service Requests

In the UKG Community™ site, you can create service requests based on your UKG product solutions. You can also manage requests by reviewing, approving, and tracking your service requests.

Create Service Requests

Create a service request in the UKG Community site.

Navigation:UKG Community > Services and Support tab

  1. From the Welcome page, select Create Service Request.
    Note Depending on your account type, you may be redirected to the Ultimate Community to create your service request there.
  2. From the Request Services page, select the Product Solution drop-down list to choose your solution.
  3. At Subject, provide a title or a brief summary of the request. At Description of Work, provide details.
  4. Complete all other required fields, including Customer Readiness Date, Requested Completion Date, and Requested Completion Date Reason.
  5. Service offerings are presented below the service request details. Use the information icon to view the full Description. Select all checkboxes for services you require.
    Note Alternatively, use the drop-down lists at Category, Subcategory, and Search By Name to select services.
  6. Select Submit. Your service request will be routed to a service request adviser, who will contact you if further information is needed.
    Create Service Request.

Manage Service Requests

Manage a service request created in the UKG Community site.

Navigation:UKG Community > Service and Support tab

  1. From the Welcome page, select Manage Requests.
  2. Select a service request to manage.
  3. At the Service Request Detail page, your service request progress displays above the request, with the current status highlighted. Select a Service Request Product to view details.
    • Select Follow to receive notification updates of your service request.

    • Select Edit to edit the service request.

    • Select Cancel to cancel the service request.

    • Use Post to collaborate with your service request adviser. You can provide updates, share files, and read comments. Select Share an Update to provide an update, then select Share to post it.

    Service Request Product Detail.
  4. When a service request is in the Review and Approval status, you can select the Review Work Order Agreement button to review the work order.
    Review Work Order Agreement.
  5. On the Consulting Agreement page, you can either sign the work order agreement electronically to proceed with your service request or cancel to exit the work order.
    • If you do not want to proceed with the work order, select Cancel. The work order will eventually expire.

    • If you choose to sign the agreement, select the checkbox at I Have Reviewed the Consulting Services Request, then select Sign Agreement. Use DocuSign to sign the agreement.

  6. Select Finish. From the Service Request Detail page, the approved service request is now in the Project Resourcing status and the work order agreement is available in the Files area.
    Work Order in Project Resourcing step.
  7. You will then be contacted by a project team member, who will work with you until project completion.